Made within the Tonto project “Bohren in Welt” (Drilling into World) at Forum Stadtpark, Graz, 2012.
A  sequence of drawings, combining fragments of texts by Marco Fitzthum and by the performance group “zweite liga für kunst und kultur” with fragments of images from the pools available in the setting of the multi-stage project “Bohren in Welt”. For details go to “Bohren in Welt” on the Tonto webpage.


Two pages for the Novo Doba Festival Catalogue 2011.
The story is partly stolen from an eight-year-old boy, whose name I have forgotten and cannot find out anymore. He participated at a workshop I did in Fehring, in the Southeast of Styria, Austria. Characters and the story were basically invented by him. My interpretation of the story is dedicated to this little philosopher …

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A wie Amok

Done for the “Kabinett Automatenheft” EUROPE 1:20´000´000
David Schilter/KUSH! curated a book which included 2-pagers of 34 artists, each from a different country in Europe.

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David also organized an exhibition at the Kabinett Passage (MQ21, Vienna) – each of the 34 artists had to do a portrait and a landscape in the dimensions of 10 x 7,5cm. I created these two collages.


A story … maybe about war, maybe just a little splatter.
The story is based on a real event that happened in Fruita, Colorado in the year 1945. The rooster was called “Mike, the headless chicken”.
Made for the Festival of non-aligned comics NOVO DOBA, in Belgrade.
June, 9 -14.

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