Hase und Igel

(Hare and Hedgehog)
Helmut Kaplan, Edda Strobl, Tonto
2020, Silkscreen edition, one color, 70 x 100 cm , printrun 15 pcs.
The source is a drawing Helmut and I did together, around 2012.

Privates Es

(Private It)
2020, silkscreen edition, 2 colors, 50 x 70 cm, printrun 12 pcs.,
Sketches, made at a play by the performance and theatregroup “zweite liga für kunst und kultur”, were collaged for this print.

Poster/Flyer/… #3

For the performance and theatre group zweite liga für kunst und kultur: “Das Wetter ist schön”, “stand by, your man”, 2016 – flyer, the fronts; “der letzte kuss des schweinehunds”, 2017 – poster.
For  IG Kultur: “Matryoshka Effect”, 2016 – poster

Poster/Flyer/… #2

Flyer for the performance and theatre group zweite liga für kunst und kultur (“Nix ist fix”, “Das Alex Prinzip”,”Frei nach Patrick Swayze”, all 2015), for the dancers Samaheydi Sisters (“A Wall for Maria”, 2016) and a poster for the composer Slobodan Kajkut (“20 Interventionen”, 2016) – the fronts.

Poster/Flyer/… #1

Flyer for the performance and theatre group “zweite liga für kunst und kultur” (Druckauftrag, 2013; Kramer gegen Kramer, 2014; both also as posters in a little different form… ) and for “Schaumbad – freies Ateliershaus” (41 Meter Fluchtweg, 2013) – the fronts.


10 Artists – 10 ZEBRA Clients – 22 Years of Migration and Asylum Policy in Austria
Art project on the occasion of the 22 years anniversary of the Graz-based NGO ZEBRA
Exhibition: November 28, 2009 – February 13, 2010, < rotor >, Graz.

On the occasion of the 22 year anniversary 10 artists and 10 (former) ZEBRA clients have entered longer term communication. These encounters have brought forth new works of art which are related to the life stories of the migrants but also to the history of ZEBRA as an organization marked by issues such as integration, migration, racism and political violence – in short: 22 years of work for human rights in Austria. (Text: <rotor >, Zebra)

I worked with 21 year old hospital nurse Marcelina Massarico, originally from Angola.
These three sequential drawings/posters (70x100cm) were the result…

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