Tonto #30 – Kiss my Ass

2019, 48 pages.
This book is based on the “Wall of Explosions”, which was shown in the exhibition: Tonto 25 – Existenz und Petitessen.
With works by Simon Häussle, Karin Heide, Andreas Heller, Igor Hofbauer, Michael Jordan, Helmut Helmut Kaplan, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Vladimir Nedelkovic, Johannes Stahl, Clemens Stecher, Edda Strobl und studio ASYNCHROME.
Cover: Helmut Kaplan/Edda Strobl.
Edited by Edda Strobl.

Tonto #27 – Die wunderbare Welt der Pilze

Exhibition and publication.

Contribution to the exhibition “…und es zog mich durch die Bilder” Landesgalerie Linz, AT, in the context of the NextComic Festival, March 2019

Exhibition: Prints by Risograd, Graz (Hanna Stein)
Publication: Tonto #27, 2019; 16 pages, 2 x 2 colors. Printed by Druckerei Khil, Graz

TONTO #23 – It shall be as it may

Michael Jordan, Helmut Kaplan, Edda Strobl
2018 erschien bei Tonto das erste Druckwerk in der Reihe “Dokumente”, in der die Blätter aus der zeichnerischen Versuchsreihe Bohren in Welt V in der Reihenfolge ihres Enstehens zusammengefasst wurden.
Ca. DIN A6, 72 Seiten, Blockheftung, Siebdruckcover (gedruckt von Michael Jordan im Tontoatelier Frauenaurach).
Editiert von Edda Strobl.

In 2018, the first book of the series “Documents” was published, presenting the drawings from the experimental series “Bohren in Welt IV” (Drilling into World IV) in their chronological order.
C. DIN A6, 72 pages, block binding, silkscreen cover (printed by Michael Jordan at the tonto studio Frauenaurach).
Edited by Edda Strobl


3 books, 100 pages in total, riso- and offset printed, wrapped in a silkscreen cover, B/W, color, printrun 200
Formerly “Das was bleibt” (That What Remains; see entries below) published as “Theater!” (Theatre!)

Contains the protocols/comis of 3 plays by “zweite liga für kunst und kultur”:
“der druckauftrag”
“chronik der vorbeilaufenden ereignisse”
“die tagung der kommune”

The first two books were presented at the Public Library, Frederikstad, Norway in February 2018 within the series of events “In the Library” (curated by Johanna Lettmayr)


“Chronicle of events passing by” is the second book out of three dealing with plays by “zweite liga für kunst und kultur”

In the summer of 2013, I kept a record of all of the performances of the play “chronicle of events passing by” by drawing.
On the one hand, the setting took place on a street, the Annenstrasse in Graz, on the other hand in a store, where the audience sat and a second layer of the play happened. Aspects of “passing by”, literally and, lets say biologically, were the essence of the play.

The book, 40 pages, was a D.I.Y. production, printed at Risograd (Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz).
Amongst other books, also this one was finished at studio Leitnergasse, Graz. Helmut Kaplan, Michael Jordan, me and the spirit of Tonto were in the production line.

der druckauftrag

“the print job – fragmented protocol of the play” is the first book out of three dealing with plays by “zweite liga für kunst und kultur”

In autumn 2013, “the print job” was performed at the Volkshaus, Graz. It was about the difficulties of an office staff writing an e-mail together, with the concern “It is over” and with the content of closing down the office. Topics like refusal and self-empowerment were treated.
I kept a record by drawing of three of the performances.

The book, 20 pages, is a D.I.Y. production, printed at Risograd (Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus), finished at studio Leitnergasse, Graz.
Big thanks to Helmut Kaplan and Tonto for helping finishing the book!!!


Episode #3, is part of an ongoing story collection about being on the road. Published as Kabinett-Heft #32, 2015, in collaboration with Helmut Kaplan.
The episode is some sort of a love story against the environmental background of rural labor.

Book presentation and exhibition (2 paintings and a small b/w print in red light related to the story) at the KabinettPASSAGE, MQ21, Vienna on a cold evening in October, 2015.