Contribution to the exhibition “Ohne Start kein Ziel” (Without Start No Goal) at kunsthaus muerz, Mürzzuschlag, 2016, curated by Sabina Hörtner. The exhibition dealt with different aspects of travelling.

“Reduce – Escape – Forget” is an 8-page comic, on sheets of 70 x 100 cm, about crossing the border from Mexico to Guatemala in 1991. Civil war was going on in Guatemala, but the protagonists had other problems …

Within the exhibition I did the workshop “The box and a secret” with gifted young people from the region.
more about the exhibition (in german): kunsthaus muerz


A dance-performance by Veza Maria Fernandez Ramos und Christina Maria Lederhaas (Sámaheydi Sisters), shown at the Kunsthaus Graz in January 2016.
Costumes by Karin Heide and Edda Strobl.

Fotos of the performance by Gudrun Becker

Fotos at Schrottwolf by Clemens Nestroy

Poster/Flyer/… #2

Flyer for the performance and theatre group “zweite liga für kunst und kultur” (“Nix ist fix”, “Das Alex Prinzip”,”Frei nach Patrick Swayze”, all 2015), for the dancers Samaheydi Sisters (“A Wall for Maria”, 2016) and a poster for the composer Slobodan Kajkut (“20 Interventionen”, 2016).


Episode #3, is part of an ongoing story collection about being on the road. Published as Kabinett-Heft #32, 2015, in collaboration with Helmut Kaplan.
The episode is some sort of a love story against the environmental background of rural labor.

Book presentation and exhibition (2 paintings and a small b/w print in red light related to the story) at the KabinettPASSAGE, MQ21, Vienna on a cold evening in October, 2015.


“The village with the most beautiful flowers”, an installation for the exhibition “Topping out ceremony” at “Schaumbad – freies Atelierhaus Graz”, 2014.
At a certain time while building studio rooms into the big hall at Schaumbad¹, the construction looked like a street in a village.
In rural areas of Austria, a competition – which village is most beautifully decorated with flowers – is fought in summertime. This custom was the triggering point …
The installation consisted of 8 à 80 cm long cases full of flowers arranged along the corridor, measuring the 40 m exit path to the new emergency door. The perspective decrease in size made the length of 40m imaginable.

¹ here you find a foto how the hall looked when it was empty.


A collage of drawings, created at the play “KRAMER AGAINST KRAMER stand-up-comedy-für-den-kommenden-aufstand” (stand-up-comedy-for-the-coming-revolt/rebellion)  by the theatre- and performance group “zweite liga für kunst und kultur”, 2014. A play about staying lying down or standing up for action.
Published in the magazine “Malmö”, Vienna.


“All my Animals” was an installation in the exhibition “Am Südrand” (At The Southern Edge), Schaumbad – freies Atelierhaus for steirischer herbst, 2014.
The Schaumbad is located in the industrial area of southern Graz, the exhibition was about reasearching the area.

The installation ” All my Animals” was about wildlife in the exhibition space (a 1100m2 huge hall where a bottling plant once was situated). With the help of sausages and sensor cameras the nightlife of mice could be depicted.

Poster/Flyer/… #1

Flyer for the performance and theatre group “zweite liga für kunst und kultur” (“Druckauftrag”, 2013; “Kramer gegen Kramer”, 2014; both also as posters in a little different form) and for “Schaumbad – freies Ateliershaus” (“41 Meter Fluchtweg”, 2013).


An exhibition with 99 artists dealing with the topic “We are the 99%”. At Komikazen – Festival del fumetto di realtà, 11.10.-13.10.2013, Ravenna, Italy. Curated by Elettra Stamboulis and Gianluca Costantini.