“chronicle of events passing by” is the second book out of three dealing with plays by “zweite liga für kunst und kultur”

At “chronicle of events passing by” in the summer of 2013 I journaled all of the performances.
The setting was on the one hand on a street, the Annenstrasse in Graz, on the other hand in a store, where the audience was sitting, and a second layer of the play was happening. Aspects of “passing by”, literally and, lets say biolgically, was the essence of the play.

The book, 40 pages, is a D.I.Y. production, printed at Risograd (Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz).
Amongst other books, also this one was finished at studio Leitnergasse, Graz. Helmut Kaplan, Michael Jordan, me and the spirit of Tonto were in the production line.